A rubbish game


You will require 

1 large rubbish bag

1 grown up (minimum)

1 pair of either plastic gloves or litter picker / grabber 

Your beady eyes, sprinkles of laughter and smile or 3.


To play the rubbish game all you need to hunt the rubbish big, small, crunchy or sharp, see the rubbish raise your hands and shout 'Rubbish' until your grown up picks it up and puts it in their rubbish bag, play the 1st one to find ten bits of rubbish against your brother, mother, father, sister, grand parent, uncle or auntie.

And always smile as you are doing an amazing job.

When you are finished, get the grown up to take a snap, or two. Please report your achievement to the rubbish Team B, we would love to know how many bags, and the county, state or country you have cleaned up.

Finally, please always wash your hands and stay safe.